Atkinson Licensed Provider Educators and Caregivers

The Licensed Provider Educators and Caregivers are the beating heart behind high-quality childcare in Atkinson. Day in and day out they dedicate their lives to the growth of our youngest community members. Atkinson Children and Families Coalition, Inc. and Atkinson/Holt County Communities for Kids, are proud to support our childcare providers through training, education, and resources as they continue to support our youngest community members and their families.

Currently, Atkinson has eight Licensed Provider Educators and Caregivers. All have completed the annual educational, and safety training, required to be in good standing with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. The Atkinson Licensed Provider Educators and Caregivers utilize a comprehensive early childhood curriculum focused on educational and emotional development. They also participate in standard of quality programs such as the Nebraska Department of Education’s Step Up to Quality.

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